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The construction of the neo-gothic Chapel began in 1901 and was completed in March 1902. A Belgian stained-glass artist, Jules Dobbelaere, produced the windows in 1903. The Chapel ceiling and 30,000 pieces of stained-glass were sent back to France for cleaning and repairs. In 1990 it was gazetted as a National Monument of Singapore.

Built with striking architectural features that have remained throughout its 115 years of existence, the 19th century neo-gothic chapel holds an elegantly lit up interior space of sparkling crystal chandeliers. With its high ceilings and filtered lights falling through the finest stained glass windows, Chijmes Hall offers our Watabe Wedding guests a unique ambience with regal charm, an entirely different experience.

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Gazetted as a national monument in 1990, Caldwell House is one of the oldest buildings in Singapore.

Its neoclassical style design is one of the few surviving works of renowned architect, G.D Coleman. The Grand Gallery on level 2, renamed Alcove is managed by Watabe Wedding Singapore.

With its unique semi-circular exterior and large doric columns supporting a vaulted timber ceiling, Alcove at Caldwell House is well furnished and suitable for intimate celebrations of about 30 to 100 guests. Its modern furnishing allows room for versatility, an ideal location for corporate and wedding events.

Today, the upper level interior still features an original wall verse “MARCHE EN MA PRESENCE ET SOIS PARFAIT” in French, meaning “Walk Along With Me And Be Perfect”

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“Following on the trust and achievements since inception, we strive to propose world class products and services which will excite our customers.”

President & CEO, Nobuaki Hanafusa

Watabe Singapore

Watabe Wedding Group started life as a “Kimono” (Japanese traditional cloths) rental shop in 1953 and has grown into one of the world’s leading bridal company, offering a wide range of domestic and international wedding services and consultation in Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Bali, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and Singapore to name a few.

Watabe Wedding Group operates more than 24 chapels and 12 hotels around the world and have served more than 430,000 wedding couples worldwide with an average of tying the knot for 30,000 couples annually. Watabe Singapore Pte Ltd was established on 5th Jan, 2011 as a 100% subsidiary of Watabe Wedding Corporation to manage the operations of Chijmes Hall.

Watabe Wedding Singapore is the official venue operator for Chijmes Hall and Alcove at Caldwell House. Watabe Wedding Singapore provides a holistic Chijmes Wedding Experience through offering a range of wedding planning services, including an in-house Bridal Boutique and Wedding Photography Service.

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We have more than 40 years of experience in executing overseas weddings for Japanese couples and we currently operate 46 wedding facilities over the world.

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